December 2018 News ☺☺


Member of the Month ~~  Mike Hoffman

has been a member here almost a year, and has very quickly become part of the family.  Mike is here at least three times each week…always with a huge smile, quick wit and contagious chuckle.  As soon as we see him walk through the door we can expect to have our spirits lifted, as every interaction with Mike ends with laughter.  Thank you, Mike, for being such a positive influence on every person you come into contact with.  We love having you here ☺☺☺




Employee of the Month ~~ Dawn Brown

has been a personal trainer here for many, many years…and the Fitness Director for almost as long.  Dawn is and always has been, an excellent trainer.  Whether you just need a new program, someone to keep you accountable on a regular basis, help with your eating plan or a program to help you train for a specific sport or event…Dawn has the knowledge and experience to help.  The New Year is coming!  Make an appointment with her now!  Thanks, Dawn, for all you do. ☺☺☺



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