February 2019 News ☺☺


Member of the Month ~~  Stan Berfzhnov & Andriy Oliynyk

have been members here for the last couple of years.  Andriy since 2016 and Stan since 2017.  They are brothers, co-workers, workout buddies and obviously best friends.  They are here every day…..very committed to their  fitness program.  And they just keep bringing in more friends!  Several of their friends have joined recently, on their recommendation, and some days the whole gang works out together.   We enjoy the dedication they clearly have but also, these two young men are friendly, polite and so supportive.  We are so glad you are here guys…keep up the good work!! ☺☺☺



Employee of the Month ~~ Aimee Cottrell

is our afternoon/evening front desk manager.  Aimee has been here 5 short months but in that time she moved up quickly from working part time in daycare and on the weekends to a full time weekday shift and we couldn’t be happier!  Aimee showed us right away that she could take on any task we gave her.  Just a few of the reasons we chose her this month are her attention to detail, being reliable and responsible and so great with our members.  Thank you for all you do Aimee…we are so glad you are part of our DFAC family. ☺☺☺



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