August 2020 News ☺☺



Member of the Month ~~ Shawna and Rick McKim

have been members here off and on since 2010.  Work and moving out of town have had them coming and going but they always come back to our facility.  We appreciate their loyalty, their happy smiles and positive attitudes. Shawna and Rick are here almost daily and have definitely become part of our family.  Thank you for being you!!  ☺☺☺



Employee of the Month ~~ Debbie Brodun

Next month Debbie will have been on our staff for 22 years.  She wears a lot of hats…General Manager, Yoga studio coordinator, yoga teacher, and personal trainer.  When we had to close our doors for two months due to Covid, Debbie was streaming live yoga classes several days each week so that members, family and friends could keep moving and stay connected during that time.  Since we have reopened she continues to stream her two morning classes each week for the ones that aren’t quite ready to come back in.  We appreciate all your efforts here…thank you for all you do!   ☺☺



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