November 2020 News ☺


Member of the Month ~~ Tommy and Toby Dill

“The Brothers Dill” have been members here for the past five years.  Incredibly consistent and dedicated to their workouts, they rarely miss a day.  And how cool is it to have your twin brother as your workout partner?! We appreciate how they are always upbeat and come in to see us with big smiles.  Keep up the great work guys, we are so happy to have you here!! ☺☺☺


Employee of the Month ~~ Sarah Williams

has been teaching yoga here for the past decade.  During that time her teaching skills have grown and improved so much, and her love of teaching has never waned.  Sarah was the first to come back to teaching as soon as we reopened in June, ready to help in any way she could, given that not all teachers were quite ready to return yet.  She’s always ready to step in, teaching extra classes and subbing classes as needed.  We appreciate you Sarah and all you do for us!  ☺☺



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