March 2019 News ☺☺


Member of the Month ~~  Tristan Case

has been a member here for the past year and has made amazing changes in that short period of time.  Tristan is here almost daily.  His workouts are consistent and varied.  Tristan has lost 117 lbs because of his commitment and dedication!!  We are so proud of you Tristan…keep up the good work!!!☺☺☺


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Employee of the Month ~~ Vince Maneha

has been part of our training staff for the past four years.  Vince is a very qualified trainer and does a great job for our members and his clients.  However, Vince has become much more valuable to us than just a trainer.  Vince tracks issues with equipment, works hand in hand with our equipment tech and does as much of the maintenance and repair work as he is able to himself.  We truly do appreciate all the work he does around this facility, wearing several hats.  Thank you, Vince, for all you do! ☺☺☺