February 2018 News ☺☺


Members of the Month ~~ Larry and Cindy Cooper

Larry and Cindy have been members here for about 2 1/2 years, and quickly became part of the family!  It’s great to see them here so often….working out together and often including others around them in their workouts and friendly conversation.  It’s clear that fitness is a priority to them both.  We’re so glad to have you here…keep up the amazing work!!  ☺☺☺



Employee of the Month ~~ Jennifer Wells

Jennifer has been with us since last fall…working mostly in morning Day Care, but also jumping in to help with anything else we need.  You’ll even see her cleaning the gym or working at the front desk with her baby strapped on to her chest!!  Recently we had been short staffed due to so much illness going around.  Jennifer was always the first to offer to come in early or stay late, which was such a big help.  We appreciate all you do and are so happy to have you here!!   ☺☺☺