January 2019 News ☺☺


Member of the Month ~~  Mikaylah Camozzi

has been a member here 4 1/2 years and in that time has developed a consistent workout routine,  sometimes with a workout buddy, sometimes on her own.  Mikaylah has made some amazing changes during these past few years and she should be very proud of her dedication.  And even now, as she awaits the arrival of baby #2, she is staying committed to her fitness program.  Keep up the great work Mikaylah!! ☺☺☺




Employee of the Month ~~ Corinna Diaz

is our morning front desk manager.  But, really, she’s so much more than that.  Not only does she handle all the member services needs that come up, she also makes sure the laundry gets done, the locker rooms and main floor stay clean and organized and even helps out in daycare when needed.  Corinna is a valuable part of our staff and we appreciate all her hard work!! Thank you, Corinna, for all you do to keep things running smoothly! ☺☺☺