July 2018 News ☺☺

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Member of the Month ~~     Dick Baltus

has been a member here almost since the doors first opened in 1997.  If you looked up the word “consistent” in the dictionary……well, you get the idea.  For 21 years Dick has remained dedicated to his fitness program.  He has found that having a trainer a few times each week helps him stay on track and get the best results.  Thank you, Dick, for all of your support over the years.  Here’s to many more!!   ☺☺☺




Employee of the Month ~~ Jennifer Wells

has been part of our morning staff for the past 9 months.  In that period of time Jen has really become an invaluable part of our team.  She works hard all through her shift in a variety of ways.  And with summer here and staff needing time off, Jen has stepped up to bat several times and shown us just how willing she is to help out, to go the extra mile.  Jen, you have the best multi tasking skills!! Thanks so much for all you do  ☺☺☺