June 2019 News ☺☺


Member of the Month ~~  Steve and Nicky Chaney

have been members here for the past year.  It’s always a pleasure to see them walk in…smiling and friendly.   They are both here very consistently, cardio and weight training both…they walk in and get right down to business.  Steve and Nicky, it’s great to see you doing so well, and we hope to have you as part of our fitness family for years to come! ☺☺☺



Employee of the Month ~~ Amie Martin

is our bookkeeper, taking care of more than we can list.  One of the many things that Amie does that is incredibly helpful is that she’s always on call…when things come up that we need help with or an answer to but she’s already left for the day, she’s only a text or call away and always gets back to us immediately, even coming back into work for us if needed.  We really do appreciate all you do here, Amie.  Thank you!! ☺☺☺